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2012 Phillies Exit Interview: Phillippe Aumont

As with any one appearance, so with his career path: this hulking Quebecois reliever seems like a 50-50 bet to dominate or implode


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One way or another, my guess is you’re going to remember Phillippe Aumont ten years from now. Most likely, he’ll pass into Phillies history either as the monster reliever who succeeded Ryan Madson as an unhittable setup man (and possibly, someday, closer), or as a physical freak who never quite could stay healthy and/or harness his obscene raw stuff.

Based on his 2012 performance, I’d say it’s about even odds between the two. In his third season since joining the Phillies from the Seattle Mariners in the controversial December 2009 Cliff Lee trade, Aumont alternated dominance with fecklessness both at triple-A (4.26 ERA, 59 strikeouts and 34 walks in 44.1 innings) and a September call-up to the big leagues (3.68 ERA, 2 saves, 14 strikeouts, 9 walks in 14.2 IP). At 6’7 and well over 250 pounds, Aumont looks like the high-octane beast he is: his sinking fastball sits in the mid-90s and can get up to 98-99, and he mixes in a breaking pitch that I suspect physicists find deeply unsettling. When he’s on, it’s hard to believe anyone can hit him.

That said, we’re also talking about a guy with a lifetime ERA in the minors of 4.22 and, for what it’s worth, a career won-lost of 14-28 in professional baseball (including 0-1 in the majors). He’s averaged five walks per nine in his five minor league seasons, and has been well above that mark with the Phillies’ affiliates. At age 24, there’s plenty of time for Aumont to improve his command and emerge as a fearsome relief weapon. But it’s a coin flip whether he’ll ultimately prove more terrifying to opposing hitters or his own manager and fans.

While he’s no Logan Morrison, Aumont does maintain a Twitter feed. With the Winter Meetings in full swing, he conducted his Exit Interview questions with a member of the Phillies communications team via that format.

1. How did you let your teammates down this season?

Me and my little boy waiting for the game to start. Nothing worst than rain delays! #mothernature #Goawayrain

2. Um, okay. How did you let your manager and GM down this season?

Thank you ! "@JustinDeFratus: @P_Aumont17 hahaha! Terrible"

3. That seems a little harsh. You were at least one of our more interesting relievers. What are your expectations for next year?

I wish! Next year we will go all the way ! RT"@Adeco13: @P_Aumont17 you should still be playing too"

4. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worst, how do you rate on the "it's my fault we're in this freaking mess and missed the playoffs scale"?

Ok enough with politics.. Its not my business anyway! Haha!! Lets be positive about the future !

5. We agree. Any final thoughts for the front office to consider over the rest of the offseason?

Merci a @antichambre de m'avoir recu a l'emission se soir. Faite moi signe quand vous etes a Philadelphie l'an prochain !