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Rule 5 Draft Live Chat and Results

The Rule 5 Draft will (and has already) commenced at 10 AM EST today. Will the Phillies take anyone? Will the next David Herndon please step up?

Stoic Shane wants to know more about the pathos of the Rule 5.
Stoic Shane wants to know more about the pathos of the Rule 5.
Rich Schultz

Today marks one of my favorite days in MLB's Winter Meetings: the Rule 5 Draft. As many of you may already know, the draft's structure is essentially a wide-ranging game of Sophie's Choice: Prospect Edition. The rules get finnicky around age, but the essential gist is this -- if you are a prospect with five years of experience, and you are unprotected on your team's 40-man roster, you are up for grabs in the draft. The catch is that any player taken in the Rule 5 draft must be kept on the receiving team's 25-man roster for the remainder of the year; if they are not, they must be sent back to their original team. That original team then can take the prospect back, refuse the prospect, or work out a trade.

The Rule 5 has produced such diamonds in the rough as: Roberto Clemente, Joakim Soria, Johan Santana, Dan Uggla, David Herndon, and Shane "We Miss U" Victorino. Also Michael Martinez. Cough.

Anyway, I'll have a rolling update of who's been taken, but as the draft moves quickly, we're basically at completion, so you can use this space as reactions and ragings until we get official prospect word from Cormican.

1. Astros take 3B RHP Josh Fields from Red Sox

2. Cubs take RHP Hector Rondon from Indians

3. Rockies take LHP Daniel Rosenbaum from Nationals

4. Twins take RHP Ryan Pressly from Red Sox

5. Indians take 1B Chris McGuiness from Rangers

6. Marlins take OF Alfredo Silverio from Dodgers

7. Red Sox take Jeffrey Kobernus from Nationals; subsequently traded to Tigers

8. Royals take no one.

9. Blue Jays take no one.

10. Mets take LHP Kyle Lobstein from Rays; expected to be traded to Tigers

11. Mariners take no one

12. Padres take no one

13. Pirates take no one

14. Diamondbacks take RHP Starlin Peralta from the Cubs; reportedly are mad that they got the "other" Starlin

15. Phillies take OF Ender Inciarte from the Diamondbacks (!!!)

16. Brewers take no one

17. White Sox take infielder Angel Sanchez from the Angels

18. Dodgers take no one

19. Cardinals take no one

20. Tigers take no one

21. Angels take no one

22. Rays take no one

23. Orioles take LHP T.J. McFarland from the Indians

24. Rangers take RHP Coty Woods from the Rockies.

25. Athletics take no one

26. Giants take no one

27. Braves take no one

28. Yankees take no one

29. Reds take no one

30. Nationals take no one

And in the bonus second round!

Astros take 1B Nate Freiman from the Padres

Marlins take LHP (and second best name) Braulio Lara from the Rays