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Happy New Year! The Phillies Headlines of 2012

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It’s several days late, but I thought I'd do something here I've done elsewhere on the interwebs in my other life. I encourage you to join in and post your own below in the comments.

Here I’m going to give you four headlines for the upcoming year, all related to the Phillies. They fall in the bolded categories below.

Headline I’m most fearful of seeing in 2012: Cole Hamels Signs 5 Year, $100 Million Contract Extension; Suffers Dave Dravecky-esque Injury Hours Later

Headline I most want to see in 2012: Aging Phillies Roster Has Fewest Days Lost to Injury of All MLB Teams

Headline I most expect to see in 2012: Phillies Win NL East for Sixth Consecutive Year

Headline I least expect to see in 2012: New York Mets Challenge Phillies for First Place Down the Stretch

May all your Phillies dreams come true in 2012! (And all your Phillies nightmares be avoided!)

Happy New Year!