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Goodbye Yellow Brick Mad-Dog: Ryan Madson Signs One Year Deal with Reds

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Apparently concluding that he had a better chance at a lucrative long term deal in next year's free agent market, former Phillies reliever Ryan Madson has reportedly agreed to terms on a one year deal with the Cincinnati Reds for approximately $8.5 million.

Madson, 31, found himself in a new situation -- entering the offseason as a "closer" rather than a set-up guy. It's possible that other teams didn't appreciate the relatively thin closer resume, but a one year deal should allow him to burnish his credential and sign a longer term contract next offseason, when the market isn't flooded with back of the bullpen types, as it has been this season.

Madson concludes (this portion of) his Phillies career third in appearances (473) for a pitcher in franchise history, behind only a couple of guys named Steve Carlton (499) and Robin Roberts (529) (h/t schmenkman on that factoid). Although he should probably be known for the sudden and impressive leap he took in summer 2007, when a tweak to his delivery resulted in a few extra miles per hour to his fastball and created greater separation with his already devastating change-up, the Game Six 2010 NLCS home run to Juan Uribe will be hard to forget, as well.

Be well, Mad Dog.