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Some Phillies Links For You, January 3, 2012: Icy Hot, Heroic Doc, Reading Mystery

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Winter Classic 2012: Rangers 3, Flyers 2 - Broad Street Hockey
So there was sport at Citizens Bank Park yesterday, only it was ice hockey instead of baseball. Go read all about it at Broad Street Hockey, SB Nation's Philadelphia Flyers blog. - Victorino a very interested observer - 2012 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic Blog

Victorino said he has tried skating once before, at a rink in Oahu -- the only one in Hawaii. "I tried it as a kid, but wasn't very successful," he said. "I tried to run, not push off. That sport didn't last long for Shane."


Phillies Resolutions: Roy Halladay
Keep being awesome.

Three former Jays, including Roy Halladay, rescue snake bite victim
Just because this needs more coverage.

Baseball whispers: Kyle Drabek bait for Matt Garza - Chicago Tribune
Poor kid...

Philly's Search for an Out Pro Athlete - The Advocate
I think anyone with even a little sense knows that there's almost certainly a gay "big four sports" athlete in this town. But attitudes and stereotypes can take a long time to go away.

Reading Phillies Invite Fans to Partake in Weird Mystery Thing - That Balls Outta Here
"What has six legs, four arms, three heads, and sounds like this?" -- I dunno but I'm guessing it's the next package of prospects heading out of town this July.

Phillies Phlashback No. 1: Wilson Gets the Win
That game was fun, but wow was I tired at work the next day.

Angels considering Ryan Madson?
Will set-up for food.