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HOT STOVE UPDATE: Phils to acquire Wilton Lopez

Depending on the cost in prospects, Wilton Lopez could be the perfect set up option.

Brown Biddle and May! Why the hell not!
Brown Biddle and May! Why the hell not!
Bob Levey

According to Jim Salisbury and John Heyman the Phillies have an agreement to trade for Wilton Lopez from the Houston Astros. Lopez, arbitration eligible for the first time this year had a pretty stellar season for a pretty horrible team in 2012, posting a 6.35 K/BB ratio, and the 17th best xFIP in the game.If you look closely at that link, he was eerily similar to Jonathan Papelbon in virtually every category. Walked less, K'd less, but a fine relief pitcher nonetheless.

Lopez took over for Brett Myers as the closer in mid season for Houston and racked up 10 saves as well for the perrenial Phillies dream killers a pretty dismal team. TGP hall of famer and numbers guru extraordinaire Matt Swartz projects a fairly modest 1.4mm salary through arbitration for Lopez, who has plenty of team control left.

Of course the rub in all of this is the prospects that will be going back to Houston in return, but when you look at the deals that have been shelled out for guys like Broxton and Affeldt, along with the options out there on the market, this could turn out to be a very sly move.

We'll keep you updated as this unfolds.