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Gnats deal for Denard Span...Scott Boras weeps

Numerous horses reporting that the Nationals have traded top pitching prospect Alex Meyer to the Twins for Denard Span.

C'mon Rizzo, I thought we had something together.
C'mon Rizzo, I thought we had something together.
Greg Fiume

And the hits keep coming. Another CF target is off the board as the Washington Nationals, according to Ken Rosenthal and every other beat writer in the universe have acquired Denard Span from the Twins for top pitching prospect Alex Meyer.

By trading for Span, the Nationals get a younger, cheaper version of Michael Bourn, and the market for the former Philly and Scott Boras just shrunk big time.

How Cheap? Well, Span, 28, will make $4,750,000 in 2013, $6,500,000 in 2014, and they have a $9,000,000 option for 2015, when someone will likely be paying Michael Bourn roughly 17mm a year or so at age 32 and Josh hamilton 25mm for his age 34 season at roughly the halfway points of their contracts.

Let that sink in.

But the Price for Span may be a steep one, as Meyer, Washingtons first pick in 2011 was ranked by John Sickels as the 28th best pitching prospect in the game, and is universally recognized as the Gnats best prospect next to Anthony Rendon.

To put that into perspective to us, Meyer was 4 spots below Biddle and 2 spots above May, so for those of you who were looking for a trade to solve the CF issue, that's what it would have cost you.

So the Braves and Gnats get their guys, meanwhile, somewhere in a dark room, Ruben Amaro taps his fingers on his desk secretly plotting.

And across the country, Scott Boras regroups, as the biggest leverage he had in the Michael Bourn sweepstakes just left the building.