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Phillies Reportedly Make Four-Year Offer to Free Agent Outfielder Angel Pagan

Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports reports that two teams -- believed to be the Phillies and Giants -- have made four year offers to the free agent center fielder.

Stephen Dunn

With B.J. Upton off the market, and in light of some very real doubt that the Phillies were ever serious players for Upton's services in the first place, the Phillies have apparently turned their actual focus to free agent center fielder Angel Pagan, reports Ken Rosenthal from FOX Sports.

Rosenthal writes that two teams have made four year offers to Pagan, believed to be the Phillies and Giants. Pagan, of course, was a member of the World Championship Giants squad, but did not receive a qualifying offer from the team, and therefore will not cost his signing team a draft pick.

Pagan, 31, posted a 122 OPS+ for the Giants in 2012.

This isn't the flashy acquisition, but it's the prudent one, and it allows the Phillies to keep their 16th overall draft pick in next June's amateur draft. Play for now and build for the future, what a novel thought!