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Reading Phillies Name Change Revealed?

Some curious domain name registrations give a possible look at the Double-A team's soon-to-be-announced moniker. Spoilers ahead.

The Valle of the Shadow of Death
The Valle of the Shadow of Death
Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

Mike Drago of the Reading Eagle and Chris Creamer from Sports Logos News both report that their searches of Internet domain registries have revealed that the Reading Phillies Baseball Club purchased the following domains in August.

"The Fightins," as well all know, is a classic nickname for the Philadelphia club, as well as a beloved and much missed blog (miss u guys).

This is far from a sure thing, of course, if you think the fellas at Brandiose and the Reading Phillies are capable of subterfuge of this level of sophistication which, to be honest, isn't all that much. Nevertheless, it's a solid lead, and far better than some of the worst names I was imagining.