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Baseball Therapy: Cubs vs. Phillies Mock Game Thread

Sometimes the best way to deal with the offseason and real life is to experience a pretend baseball game.

Cubs and Phillies will be tussling in the world of imagination.
Cubs and Phillies will be tussling in the world of imagination.

When the world turns into a scary place, or when I'm dealing with bad personal news, I turn to baseball. There's something comforting about baseball's unchanging nature. There are always nine innings, nine postions, four balls, three strikes, and three outs. The players change, but the basics -- the fundamentals -- stay the same. You turn on a game and when you look at the score, what inning they're in, the number of outs, and the count on the batter, you can jump right into the game with very little trouble.

When life gets scary during the offseason, it's logistically harder to turn to baseball. I have some games I bought on iTunes, like Halladay's perfect game and postseason no-no, and Jamie Moyer's complete game shutout, but it's not the same as burying yourself into a game where the outcome isn't yet determined. Tim Huwe at Bleed Cubbie Blue has come up with a fantastic idea to help with this. He's doing a mock Cubs vs. Phillies game tonight at 7:05 CT with play-by-play featured on their site. It's a game from Cubs history, only with players of today. The pitchers are Jeff Samardzija and Kyle Kendrick. He's not revealing which historical game he's using, so the outcome will be a surprise.

So if you're looking for a baseball distraction, head to Bleed Cubbie Blue at 8:05 ET (7:05 CT) tonight for the play by play, earlier if you want to get a look at the rosters.

Have a safe weekend, everyone. Both mentally and physically.