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Brad Lidge Retires

The 35 year old relief pitcher calls it quits after a troubled season in Washington. He had a couple of memorable moments in Philadelphia, if you think about it.

Nick Laham

Brad Lidge, whose elated, kneeling photographic likeness appears on the rec room walls of countless Delaware Valley sports fans, has announced his retirement. Per Jayson Stark:

Lidge, 35, appeared in 11 games for the Washington Nationals in 2012 before injuries shut him down.

Of course, Lidge's greatest moment in Philadelphia was one of the very greatest moments in Philadelphia sports history, as he capped off his "perfect season" in 2008, converting 48-of-48 save opportunities and striking out Eric Hinske of the Rays for the final out of the 2008 World Series. His remaining time in Philadelphia was mostly a downer, particularly in 2009, when the beleaguered closer posted a 7.21 ERA and memorably brain cramped in the ninth inning of Game Four of the World Series, failing to cover third base on that Johnny Damon double-stolen base WHERE WERE YOU BRAD?!

Lidge's 11.9 strikeouts-per-nine rate is third all-time among relief pitchers, trailing Rob Dibble and former Phillie Billy Wagner.

Best of luck, Brad. Thank you.