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Salisbury: Phillies Looking to Scott Hairston, Vernon Wells as "Offseason of Diminished Expectations Tour 2012-13" Continues

Jim Salisbury of reports that the Phillies are eyeing either a trade for Vernon Wells, or signing free agent outfielder Vernon Wells, to patrol the outfield in 2013.

Christian Petersen

Having failed thusfar to satisfactorily complete the 2013 Phillies outfield, Ruben Amaro, Jr. is purportedly looking to free agent outfielder Scott Hairston, or working out a trade with the Angels for Vernon Wells, according to Jim Salisbury of

Hairston, 32, posted a very slugging-heavy .803 OPS in 2012 in 398 plate appearances with the Mets (.263/.299/.504), but hit lefties at a clip of .286/.317/.550. The on-base percentage still stinks.

Salisbury again mentions a trade with the Cubs for Alfonso Soriano, and maybe tips the Phillies' hand about their plans for Darin Ruf:

The Cubs would be willing to part with Alfonso Soriano, but he might not be a fit for the Phillies because he plays only left field. In a perfect world, the Phils would find someone who can play right field because they would like to give Darin Ruf a shot to win a share of the left-field job.

This sounds like a terrific plan except Darin Ruf has pretty much played no meaningful amount of left field ever. If they watch him in the spring and they're satisfied, I'd still be very reluctant, but to rely on him as a contributor out there in 2013 is probably not so smart.

In the alternative... um, what's the alternative? This team needs a lot of things to go right (or at least return to "normal") to contend in 2013. Darin Ruf panning out as a legitimate left field option would be among the bigger "going right" things.