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The Good Phight's Best of 2012

If you'll forgive us a bit of self-congratulation, The Good Phight had kind of a great 2012, even if the Phillies didn't.

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Yes, it's the end of the year and that means everyone is putting out their year end "best of" lists. I thought that we here at The Good Phight could do that, but instead of focusing on the Phillies, since they get so much attention all the time, we could focus on ourselves. It's what we know best, after all. We've each chosen our favorite pieces from this year and put them into one convenient place. If you have favorites we've forgotten about, then we invite you to put them into the comments. Shockingly, we all like reading about how awesome we are just as much as we like thinking about it and writing about it!

Of course, a list like this wouldn't be possible without all you fine folks out there reading what we write. Thanks to every single person who has come to the site and read a story or commented this year. One of the things I love the most about my own personal Phillies fandom is the community it provides, and The Good Phight has one of the best communities out there. Thanks to all of you for being awesome.


  • TOC's Chad Qualls Exit Interview really shed a light on the imaginary contentious relationship that Qualls has with Amaro... and probably the GM of every other team he's ever played for.
  • TOC and Trev223 put together a "Who's on First?" themed game recap back in September when we all had hope. Foolish, foolish hope.



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