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Second Team - Who do you Love?

In which, George Thorogood asks, for whom would you root where the Phillies didn't make it past the 47 miles of barbed wire?

The Ceremonial Spitball
The Ceremonial Spitball
Otto Greule Jr

I have a confession to make: prior to being a Phillies' fan, I was a diehard Mariners' fan. See, I was born in Seattle, and cut my teeth in the Kingdome. My dad even had season tickets for a couple years; a rather pedestrian achievement given the absolute god-awful horrors that were the early-80s Mariners.

Highlights were few, beyond the "father and son watching a game" variety. I watched Gaylord Perry's 300th win. I'm quite certain to have seen a young Larry Andersen fire-balling out of the bullpen (though I don't remember). I saw Mark Langston's debut. And the Kingdome... well, yes. It was there too.

But the Phillies supplanted the M's for a variety of reasons; but they've never lost their place in my heart.

So what about younz? If, over your Victory Cereal tomorrow, Big Brother tells you there have always been 29 teams, who is your second team?