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Lindblom, Prospect from Phillies to Rangers For Young?

Rangers beat writer reports on pending Michael Young swap with Phillies.

Invisible ice cream
Invisible ice cream

Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News reveals at least one name that's been discussed in the eternally-pending Michael Young-to-Phillies swap: reliever Josh Lindblom:

Though the Rangers would eat more than $10 million in salary to deal Young for reliever Josh Lindblom and a prospect, the team would save about $5 million. You know what they say: A penny saved is a penny spent on Greinke.

Lindblom, you'll recall, came from the Dodgers to the Phillies in this July's Shane Victorino trade. A live-armed righty, Lindblom's unfortunate home run tendencies were frequently on display during his relatively short stint in Philadelphia.

Once again, the eensy-weensy detail here is the identity of this "prospect."

The Phillies have a bunch of pretty much interchangeable late-inning relievers. Losing Lindblom wouldn't be a disaster of any sort, but again, that "prospect" could be a very big deal.

Stay tuned to The Good Phight as we track this business.