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Michael Young Waives No-Trade Clause, Joins Phillies

This was the inevitable outcome, wasn't it?

Jamie Squire

According to Bob Nightengale, the Phillies have "solved" their third base problem as Texas Rangers "third baseman" Michael Young has waived his no-trade clause and accepted the trade to the Phillies. He did so after being offered $1.2m in benefits AND a full no-trade clause. Because those things are like candy, just give 'em out to everyone!

So Young doesn't get lonely, the Rangers are also sending $10m with him, which will cover all but $6m of his 2013 salary. In exchange for Young's "services" and also that giant pile of money, the Phillies are sending minor league prospect Lisalverto Bonilla, a 22 year old right-handed reliever, and Josh Lindblom, a reliever who came over in the Shane Victorino trade.

Just as a reminder, the Phillies new starting third baseman is 36, had a terrible 2012 (which I'm assuming is why the Rangers had to pay the Phillies to take him away), and played 25 out of 156 games at third base last season. At least there's no extension, which Young told the Phillies he didn't want. Thank God for small miracles.