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Your 2012 The Good Phight Fantasy Baseball League(s) Participants

The white smoke is up, and I, your Venetian-blind enshrouded, shadowy TGP Fantasy Baseball Commissioner, have poked through the expressions of interest and the small unmarked bills and have arrived upon our participants for this year, using the aforementioned Delphic Oracle calculation.

Congratulations to this year's players. I'm grateful to the volunteer league co-presidents for enabling even more computer-number-aided baseball, and interested to see how the two leagues and products go. Thanks too to the donors who have once again made fantasy baseball free. This better work (just kidding).

Team Owners: E-mail the league co-presidents (email addresses listed below) so they can get an invitation out to you. You'll be able to name the team whatever you want, but I do recommend that you stay close to your TGP handle to minimize confusion and maximize the season-long smack-talk.

One change from the last post: Mark your calendars for the draft date to Sunday, March 11 - one week earlier than I last wrote, freeing us all up for traditional mid-March sporting events. Each league can work out the time depending upon the geographic spread of its participants.

In the meantime, we'll finalize team roster spots, stats, transaction deadlines, etc. As the league worked pretty well last year, we're going to model both leagues on that one as best we can (if you need to start working on your depth charts right away).

For those few of you who didn't make the cuts, my condolences. There are a bunch of folks in multiple leagues who might be looking for another player. Keep commenting and posting on the site. Many included this year were just like you last spring.

Participants listed after you jumpit the click.

The Good (Phight) League 2012 - CBS
1. Phrozen - co-president. Email:
2. Trev223 - co-president. Email:
3. Walcott
4. Cormican
5. RememberThePhitans
6. EREX21
7. FearTheTurtle
8. Philsandthrills
9. Jose and the Contrarians
10. j reed
11. CoburnsCuddleBuddy
12. lizroscher
13. The Orange Cone
14. esentman
15. Vance in my Pants
16. Ant

The (Good) Phight League 2012 - Yahoo!
1. dannijd - co-president. Email:
2. phillies0010 - co-president. Email:
3. Wet Luzinski
4. Leepin Lizards
5. Thin Mountain Air
6. JpH89
7. Joecatz
8. The Fish
9. TwistyWristy
10. Rujasu
11. Airedale260
12. Eaglesadvocate
13. Delicious Cake
14. The Mad Hopper
15. FanSince1993
16. Missing Jamie Moyer
wait list 17. Cole_Hamels_Can (Basically, you're in if you want, but your last comment was impossible for me to parse.)