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Twofer Game Thread (Split Squad vs. Braves and Rays): March 14, 2012

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We're going to try two games in one thread today. It may be evident by the player you're talking about, but you may want to specify occasionally which game you're referring to.

Braves vs. Phillies

Gameday and MLB.TV, as well as TCN
Pitchers: Blanton, Bastardo, Herndon, Qualls, Willis
Lineup: 1)Rolins SS, 2)Polanco-3B, 3)Victorino CF, 4)Thome DH, 5)Pence RF, 6)Mayberry 1B, 7)Podsednik LF, 8)Ruiz C, 9)Galvis 2B
Watch: Willis and Podsednik fighting for a spot, Galvis getting comfortable at second

Phillies vs. Rays

Gameday and MLB.TV
Pitchers: Pineiro, Elarton, Purcey, Aumont
Lineup: 1)Pierre CF, 2)Frandsen SS, 3)Wigginton 3B, 4)Brown DH, 5)Montanez RF, 6)Luna 1B, 7)Orr 2B, 8)Gosewisch C, 9)Clevlen LF
Watch: Quite a bit at stake for almost everyone in this game

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