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Game Thread: Phils at Pirates, March 16, 2012

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Pitchers: Lee, Kendrick, Valdes, Sanches, Stutes

Lineup: 1)Pierre RF, 2)Podsednik CF, 3)Pence DH, 4)Mayberry 1B, 5)Montanez LF, 6)Orr 3B, 7)Schneider C, 8)Frandsen 2B, 9)Galvis SS
On the Bench: Kratz, Gosewisch, Luna, Clevlen, Miguel Abreu

Watch: An all-candidate outfield today, with Pence (DH) and Mayberry (1B) the only regulars making the trip down to Bradenton. Frandsen is getting a look at second.

First I've heard of Miguel Abreu, so this is what I dug up:

Abreu signed as a minor-league free agent with the Phillies, so if he doesn’t get released he’ll likely play in Reading this season. He’s a .270-hitting corner outfielder with no power, little speed, and little supplementary on-base ability, so he’s unlikely to see any time in the majors.

Alrighty then. More on him about halfway down here.