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Yankees(ss)-Phils Game: March 23, 2012

Gameday, and MLB.TV (also TCN)

Lineup: 1)Rollins SS, 2)Vic CF, 3)Wiggy 3B, 4)Pence RF, 5)Nix LF, 6)JMJ 1B, 7)Schneider C, 8)Galvis 2B, 9)Worley P
Pitchers: Worley, Herndon, Stutes, Papelbon (RHP Kuroda starting for the Yankees "B" team)
Watch: how well can Wigginton play third?

David Hale on today's game, including the battle for the final bullpen spot
(as an update to David's article, Utley is apparently back in camp this morning)

Also, Joba Chamberlain sustains open dislocation of his right ankle, could be out for the season.