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Some Tuesday Phillies Links for You, April 10, 2012: Crisis in Confidence, Big Falls, and a Bay of (Iron)Pigs

A palpable hit! Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE
A palpable hit! Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE

Phillies Notes: Phillies picking spots to use Papelbon
Not that I'm noticing, but Craig Kimbrel hasn't been real busy either.

Are you confident the Phillies will get their act together?
It's NONSENSE, I tells ya!

The Phillies Are Set For A Big Fall - Forbes
He doesn't mean autumn. Strange to cite Fangraphs on Howard's stats, but then miss the organizational rankings.

Despite loss, Phillies fans celebrate return of baseball | Courier-Post |
Fans were D.J. Jazzy Jeff'd to be back in the park.

Bay of Pigs, Baseball Style

Miami Marlins’ Ozzie Guillen in political firestorm over Fidel Castro remarks - Miami Marlins -
What he meant to say was that Castro had great hands as a shortstop back inna day. Or that he thought the reporter was asking him about Juan Castro. In any case, the machinery of baseball journalism is going to be oiled by the blood of this worker today.

Miami Marlins manager in hot water for comments about Fidel Castro

The text of the Time article

Our Favorite Division

Houston Astros Win Again 8-3! - The Crawfish Boxes
Old buddy J.A. Happ was #allin to beat the winless Braves.

Mets 4, Nationals 3: The Irish Hammer Can Do It All - Amazin' Avenue
Santana! Now Pelfrey! Walk it off, Mets fans!

Around the League, Around the League, Around the League

"Motherf****n' S**t! Take Your Ass Home!" Or, Why The Baltimore Orioles Matter
For those of you pondering trips down to Baltimore at some point this season, this article is a must-read, despite a title that is NSFW.

Minors: You know where to take it. Back of the bus.

Lehigh Valley all alone in first place following 1-0 win at Pawtucket |
Guess who's Mr. Clutch on a team that is winning despite having pretty lousy RISP numbers?

Gillies, R-Phils off to fast start
There's abiding joy in Baseballtown, and it's fueled by some crazy OF hitting.

Scoreboard | Clearwater Threshers Scoreboard
Clearwater 9, Tampa 6. And yet: Andy Pettite slew them all.

Fan-favorite dollar Tuesday back in 2012 | Clearwater Threshers News
Dolla holla, Threshers fans!

Kleven, BlueClaws hurt by the home run ball | The Asbury Park Press NJ |
This ain't British Columbia, rookie!