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Some Phillies Links For You, April 16, 2012: West Coast Tripping, Minor Thoughts, Offensive Reprieve

Jimmy Rollins: Mensch. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE
Jimmy Rollins: Mensch. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE

Phils head west amid cloud of offensive doubt
"The Cloud of Offensive Doubt" sounds like a good name for a hardcore/goth crossover band.

John Smallwood: Hamels knows how to get over it
Clearly the offense doesn't respect Hammels and will not support him! /FanSince09'd

Touch 'Em All: Cards honor 'rally squirrel'
Urge to kill: Rising

Phils activate Contreras, send down Savery
Probably the move that had to be made, although I'm afraid that Stutes is going to get waaaaay too much rope if and when he struggles.

NL East Wrap: Votto downs Nats in extras
Joey, you're a hero.

Tim Lincecum talks - and talks - about his start
Young Tim and Roy Halladay square off tonight in San Francisco.

The inefficiency of singles
That movie sucked anyway. Matt Dillon? Eddie Vedder? Please.

Phillies pay tribute to Jackie Robinson
For a team with such a "spotty" post-integration history, it's nice that the Phillies of the past decade have been one of the more out-front organizations with regard to playing and promoting its African-American stars, and in their community outreach. But that Jackie Robinson statue is positively nightmarish.

PhilliesNation Interview: OF Prospect Gauntlett Eldemire | Phillies Nation
Jay at Phillies Nation gets some time with the red-hot outfielder, owner of arguably the best name in professional baseball.

R-Phils defeat Harrisburg
This is a pretty good Reading Phillies team so far.

Dover grad Perci Garner battles Andy Pettitte to a drawReporter
Garner is a guy to keep an eye on, for what it's worth.

IronPigs' Phillippe Aumont trying to keep it simple
Ignoring the fact that he might single-handedly bail out the Cliff Lee-to-Seattle trade, this guy is going to be getting a chance before the end of the summer, I think.

Matt Rizzotti eager for opportunity with Minnesota.
Hoping for the best for this guy, because he certainly wasn't going to get a shot in Philadelphia.

Matt Kemp is better than you - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
I hate the Dodgers as much as almost any good American but I have to grudgingly admire the way Matt Kemp is going about his business these days. Holy hell.