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Your Morning Links, Over Easy with a side of Catz: Wednesday April 18th, 2012



Jeez, just about everything was Halladay related.

Roy Halladay: One man band

Carson Cistulli at fangraphs explains to you nerds why Halladay goes deep into games, and he uses nerd words to do it! If you only read one article this AM cover to cover, this is the one.

And then there is this

If all we do is comment about Murph's faux hawk today I will consider this first daily links for me a rousing success.

And this

Good Todd. I was getting concerned that people were getting concerned...

The only stuff I could find not related to Roy Halladay

Giants Honor Burrell, Phillies next

"I saw Mike Lieberthal and Doug Glanville do it," Burrell, 35, said before Tuesday’s game. "It’s a special deal. I feel fortunate they even asked me to do it."

Insert dirty sanchez joke here.

Phils have 4 picks in the top 100

Raj: Ed? Google if we can trade draft picks at the deadline.

Ed: We can't

Raj: You sure? Google it.

Ed: We can't

Raj: Do the Chrome thing! Its faster!

Crashburn Alley: Fun with Fangraphs

Our boy Bill over at Crashburn Alley with a really neat nerd piece of his own.


RIck Ankiel finally finds the strike zone

Seriously. He can do THAT from centerfield, but he couldn't throw a strike?

Speaking of Rick Ankiel

I'm now reminded of this fascinating Pat Jordan piece from the NY Times on Ankiel from back in 2001. Its a long read, but worth it. Especially 10 years later...

Chipper on his rivalry with The LOLMETS

When the Mets said they were going to acknowledge you, it set off a firestorm in New York.

"I got an email. It was from a guy that calls himself 'Barstool.' It had made the rounds through some of my friends. And it finally got back to me. And it was colorful, let's put it that way. He let everybody know what he thought. I thought it was kind of funny."

Before you ask, No, I am not Barstool, and Yes, he is my idol.