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Phillies Stat Notes -- April 23rd, 2012

I will try to add more verbiage later, but for now two quick tables:

- Update of key stats of the Phillies to date vs. early 2011 (pre Utley's return)

- As they start a new series, a comparison of those same stats between the Phils and Diamondbacks

Phillies: 2012 vs. Early 2011


- Isolated Power has dropped below the Pirates for last place in the NL
- I've added Home Runs to the list, and, not surprisingly, the Phillies are near the bottom, and 43% behind last year's early pace

Phillies vs. Diamondbacks


- The D-backs lead the NL in pitches per plate appearance, and have a BB% near 10%


Jimmy Rollins has reached 3 milestones already in the early going:
- his 11th single of the year (April 15th) tied him with Mike Schmidt (1,219) for 5th on the Phillies' all-time list
- his 1st Sacrifice Fly (April 19th) was the 43rd of his career, and tied him for 5th on the Phillies list with Bob Boone, Von Hayes, and Mike Lieberthal
- his 4th walk (April 21st) tied him with Greg Luzinski for 10th on the Phillies list
Next for Rollins:
- he needs 18 more total bases (36 for the year) to become the 4th Philie in history to reach 3,000

Jim Thome
- his 2nd RBI will tie him with Gary Sheffield for 25th on the All-time list, at 1,676
- he needs 4 more K's (13 for the season) to become the 2nd player in history to reach 2,500; Reggie Jackson has 2,597
- 5 more Games Played (15 for the season) will make him the 51st player in history to reach 1,500

Juan Pierre:
Already reached:
- 1st steal of the year tied him with Dummy Hoy for 23rd in All-time steals, with 555
- 3rd steal tied him with Davey Lopes for 22nd at 557
- his next stolen base (4th of the year) will tie him with Brett Butler for 21st, at 558

Jonathan Papelbon
- needs 3 more Saves (8 for the season) to tie Hoyt Wilhelm for 36th All-time, at 227