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2012 Regular Season Over/Under/Never Events!

How many times will Charlie Manuel be punched in the face by his own players?
Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE
How many times will Charlie Manuel be punched in the face by his own players? Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE
It's about that time again, folks. Returning to you once again from our [rapidly thawing] ice fortress, the Triumvirate (h/ts to Wet Luzinski and TwistyWristy) is pleased to bring you the 2012 Regular Season Over/Under/Never Prognostication Spectacular! This year's edition has been improved with new categories! More events! Math! Prizes, as always, await those bold enough to venture forth.

Particulars below the jump.

For first time "Newbie Nostradamuses", here's how it works. Below, are a series of fortunate and unfortunate (but mostly fortunate) events. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to decide whether a given event will occur. This session, we have three types of events:

A) For events that have dates, you may use the choice of "Over" if you think the event will occur after the given date, "Under" if you think the event will occur before the given date and "Never" if you have absolutely no faith in the event to be mature enough and take responsibility for occuring.

B) For the end-of-season events, you may use the choice of "Over" if you think the grand total will be more than the given amount, "Under" if you think the grand total will be under the given amount, or "Never"/"Equal" which means you are boldly declaring that the total will be exactly as noted.

C) For Professor Wet Luzinski's extra credit events, you must order the given elements from least to greatest.

Months Minutes Shortly after the regular season is concluded, the results will be tabulated and the person with the most overall correct guesses wins a prize!

Now that you know how to play, it's time to play! Copy and Paste the list of events into the comment box and add your answers to the end of each line. The Phillies' season schedule is provided here for your convenience, crystal balls, lucky coins, dart boards and throwing stones sold separately. Please note that after last year's incident, animal sacrifices are strictly prohibited.

The Events
All events are Phils' specific unless otherwise noted

1. April 7.5; First triple of the season.
2. April 10.5; First Juan Pierre CS.
3. April 13.5; Freddy Galvis' first career base hit.
4. April 18.5; Jim Thome starts at first base.
5. April 23.5 ; Jimmy Rollins first pitch pop-up.

6. April 29.5 ; Bunt with runner on 3B leads to a run.
7. May 1.5 ; "Now batting, second baseman, Chase Utley."
8. May 4.5; Victorino bunts for a base hit.
9. May 5.5; "Now batting, first baseman, Ryan Howard."
10. May 10.5; First multi-homer game by any individual player.

11. May 12.5; Jonathon Papelbon first blown save.
12. May 20.5; First five-game winning streak.
13. May 25.5; First Kyle Kendrick start. Extra credit for predicting IP.
14. May 30.5; First save by Jose Contreras.
15. June 1.5; First Utley HBP.

16. June 5.5; Roy Halladay's 2,000th career SO (needs 66).
17. June 15.5; First Dom Brown start in left field.
18. June 20.5; First five-game losing streakomgseasonover!
19. June 27.5; "Pinch-hitting, Joe Savery."
20. July 1.5; First homerun by a pitcher.

21. July 1.5; 20th win against a division opponent.
22. July 10.5; "Now batting, Scott Podsednik."
23. July 14.5; Jamie Moyer pitches against the Phillies. Xtra credit for predicting IP.
24. July 20.5; First inside-the-park-home-run.
25. July 30.5; Coal Hammels signs extension. Xtra credit for predicting dollars and years.

26. July 30.5 Shane Victorino signs extension extracreditforpredictingdollarsandyearslookasquirreldoyoulikesquirrels!
27. July 31.5 Phillies make a trade for a Veteran(TM) Infielder/Utility player.
28. August 0.5; Chase Utley's 200th career home run (needs 12).
29. August 20.5; Placido Polanco's 1,000th career run scored (needs 52).
30. August 30.5; Jimmy Rollins' 2,000th career base hit (needs 134).

31. September 1.5; Jim Thome passes Juan Samuel for 23rd on the Phillies franchise home run leaderboard (needs five).
32. September 10.5; First steal of home.
33. September 29.5; Ryan Howard - bunts down 3B line for a hit.
34. September 30.5; Jonathan Papelbon's first career plate appearance.

End of Season Events:
35. Galvis season long fWar (fanGRaphs WAR); 1.5
36. Number of victories in which Rollins scores a run; 45 (last year: 48).
37. Cliff Lee ERA in June; 1.50.
38. Number of complete game shutouts thrown; five.
39. Number of complete games thrown; fifteen.
40. Total number of runs scored by our old worthless can't-hit washouts; 700 (last year: 713).
41. Total number of strikeouts thrown by our pitchers; 1,200 (last year, 1,299).

Professor WetLuzinski's Extra Credit Challenge
Put the following 2012 SLG% order from least to greatest:

42. Pete Orr, Juan Pierre, Phillies Pitchers
43. Ty Wigginton, Laynce Nix, Freddy Galvis

As mentioned above, the person with the most correct prizes wins a prize (if two or more participants tie, the tie shall be broken by means of a Home Run derby)
. This year's grand prize:

Alaska Goldpanner baseball memorabilia!
The Alaska Goldpanners are a semi-pro baseball team in Fairbanks, Alaska; and perhaps the most successful such team in the world. Over 200 former Goldpanners have gone on to Major League careers, including Hall-of-Famers Dave Winfield and Tom Seaver. The Goldpanners are also famed for the annual Midnight Sun Game, played, at night, without the aid of artificial lighting. Of course, goes the joke, the lights don't work anymore. Also, $1 beers.
The prizewinner will have their choice from an extensive array of Goldpanner memorabilila, including hats, programs, posters or cards.

Second place will receive a fistful sized, random smorgasbord of baseball cards! This random smorgasbord may include one or more of the following:
1997 Seattle Mariners Edgar Martinez in a protective case with a patch of game used Jersey (the card, not the player).
Albert Pujols.
Far too many Jose Canseco cards for any one person.
Two really neat lenticular cards (Bob Ojeda and Floyd Youmans).
One lenticular card of Kelly Roberto. In a Braves uniform; but the lenticular makes it okay (actually it doesn't).
Arthur Rhodes Rookie Card.
Amalio Carreño who made only made three Major League appearances, all for the Phillies.
A Victory rookie Pat Burrell card. It's one of the few cards that is in a protective plastic sleeve (there is a in there joke somewhere).

So what are you waiting for? Those questions won't answer themselves!
Entries will be accepted up until the first pitch of the Home Opener on April 9th, but you won't get credit for any events occuring prior to your entry.