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Some Home Opener Phillies Links For You, April 9, 2012: Keelhauled, Cole Call, Dead Qualls

"HEEYYY YOUUUUU GUUUYYSSS!!!" Mandatory credit: Vincent Pugliese- US PRESSWIRE
"HEEYYY YOUUUUU GUUUYYSSS!!!" Mandatory credit: Vincent Pugliese- US PRESSWIRE

Philadelphia Phillies Back At Citizens Bank Park For The 2012 Home Opener This Afternoon
I'm sure the crowd will be measured and slow to react to any negative performance.

Philadelphia Phillies Turn To Lefty Cole Hamels In Home Opener Against Miami Marlins.
Nice to give him a big "thank you" on his way out the door!

Phillies bullpen already down a man with Qualls injury
And so your first set-up option is, you know... Kyle Kendrick. Have I ever said how much I hate modern bullpen construction?

Small Ball, No Runs - The Zo Zone
Great look at small ball strategies by Todd Zolecki.

Phil Sheridan: Dominoes didn't fall Phillies' way in loss to Pirates
Gaze at that navel! DO IT!

McCaffery: Playing Pierre could help end Phils' struggles -

Now, he has a fresh way to make the Phillies a reasonable big-league offense, with or without Howard and Utley: Pierre’s speed.

Oh no.

Rough Start - NBC 10 Philadelphia
Our old friend Dash keeps calm.

Phillies’ bullpen concerns continue to mount

[Qualls] was walking around in his spikes Saturday and "felt something grab in my heel. It was like a knife in the back of my heel," he said.

It was a parasite of some kind. You heard it here first.

Five years later, Thome again takes the field
I have to say he looked pretty solid at first base yesterday.

Crashburn Alley - Phillies Lose Another Head-Scratcher
Bill was also puzzled by some of yesterday's strategy.

Pettibone's critical call

"I couldn't believe it, that I had a voicemail from Cole Hamels," Pettibone said.

"Dear Good Phight Forum: I never thought something like this could happen to a regular guy like me."

The Duda Bides - Amazin' Avenue
I have to admit this gave me a laff, Lucas Duda from your undefeated New York Mets.

R-Phils sweep Portland for best start in 30 years
That Reading roster is pretty stacked right now. Road trip?