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Why did I trade Omar Infante to Lizroscher? Marlins 6, Phillies 2.


When WC emailed me this morning to see if I was able to do today's recap, I was to say the least excited. Cole Hamels was making his possibly his last home debut, against my fantasy staff ace Anibal Sanchez. I've been cautiously awaiting this game for a week! And I get the recap! My first!

I spent a few hours researching statistics, like Cole's past opening starts...If 2011, 2010, and 2009 had anything to say about it, history was not exactly on our side. But I was optimistic. Who cares if the bullpen is short today? Hamels is going the distance. I got the recap!

Then unfortunately, the game started.

Hamels showed flashes of brilliance, baffling the Marlins to the tune of 9 K's and 0 BB in just 5 1/3 innings. Unfortunately, he gave up 3 4 runs as well, which, apparently is 3 more than a starter is able to give up this season to ensure victory.

In the first inning, Hamels gave up back to back singles to Jose Reyes and Emilio Bonifacio, With small ball fever apparently running rampant at CBP, Reyes and Bonifacio advanced on the steal (yeah, looked out to me too) and Hanley Ramirez launched a rocket like shot hit a little dribbler to second base scoring Reyes (yeah, he looked safe to me too). Hamels then went on the strike out the side, and put down 8 batters in a row, 5 on strike outs.

In the top of the 4th, Hanley Ramirez doubled after an 0-2 count in a 9 pitch at bat, then Gaby Sanchez sinlged Hanley in after an 0-2 start to make it 2-0. couple strike outs, inning over.

I opened my first beer of the day after Omar Infante launched one in the 5th inning. That would prove to be all the offense the Marilns needed, although Omar wasn't done. 3-0. Couple strike outs, inning over.

In the beginning of the 6th inning, Emilio Bonifaco did what Charlie and the Phillies have been trying to do this season, turn a bunt into triple, I'm not sure if Galvis was dreaming about his first hit, or John Mayberry saw the Marlins logo and was thinking about mermaids, but no one covered 1st base. A Gaby Sanchez double later, and it's 4-0.

Joey Savery then came on to relieve Hamels. He game up a second home run to the new Jose Bautista, Omar Infante, his 7th career multi homer game. (You're welcome Lizroscher!) 5-0. Seriously. The guy had 7 home runs all last year, and has 3 on the year now. 2 today. Liz, start him, and run with it...

I'm not gonna lie to you guys. At this point, I took the kids in the pool, and decided I'd do the rest of the recap on game day and wit alone. I put the radio on, laid on the raft...

Then we got to the 7th. Up to that Point Anibal was pristine, giving up 3 singles and 1 walk to 4 K's. But in the top of the seventh, with a 5 run lead, the wheels started turning. I got out of the pool, sat on the lounge chair and watched a single by Vic, single by Lil'Jon, a fielders choice and then, Freddy Galvis finally got his first hit a gapper to left that scored Vic and Chooch. Respectable 5-2. Sanches was chased and I refused to dry off. I sat there, determined to drip the rest of the game. Towel be damned, Superstitions and all...

I'm an optimist, if you guys haven't figured it out by now. After Herndon worked through the 8th I had it all figured out in my head. 2-34 coming up, we'd pick up 3 in the 8th on a 3 run shot by Pence, then Paps would work through the 9th, Galvis would single to start the 9th off Heath Bell, and Big Jim Thome would walk it off in the bottom half, Phils win 7-5.

Instead, Polly, Rollins and Pence went down 1-2-3 in the 8th, and while dripping away in the top of the 9th, at the exact moment Papelbon gave up a solo shot to Mike Giancarlo Stanton's replacement, Austin Kearns to seal the game....

my 3 year old pooped in the pool.


It was just one of those days.

The good: Galvis got his first hit and RBIZZZZZ (just 3 more to tie Wilson Valdez club record for replacing Utley in April/May) and looked great in the field. Cole had some spot location issues, but 9 K's and 0 BB in his first start is a pretty encouraging sign. Especially in 5 1/3. If thats the guy who shows up all year, I'll be very happy.

The Bad: Freddy Galvis got the only extra base hit of the game. And the bullpen (including Papelbon) gave up HR's to Omar Infante and Austin Kearns. They combined for 9 last season. They hit 3 today. Also, the offense was well... Lets give it time before we jump off the Walt Whitman.

Phils fall to 1-3. and the world turns upside down as light hitting 2nd basemen everywhere have reason to believe.

As the Marlins announcers repeated about 11 bajillion times, Wednesday we get Johnson/Halladay. No game tomorrow. Hopefully the Phils can spend the off day practicing their bunt drills in the cages getting into mid season home run form.

Fangraphs to come as soon as someone can show me how to upload it. Its pretty much gonna be straight down left to right...