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Some Phillies DOOMSDAY LINKS : Wednesday May 10th

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Tons of questions surrounding the Phils today in the aftermath of dropping 3 straight to the LOLMets.


Zolecki: Bullpen going through trying stretch

Ya think?

Murph: Savery Optioned, Bullpen leaking

Please don't try and turn Diekman into a saviour guys. Cause he's not.


Charlie calls post game meeting

Like, Dadgumnit, like, you guys need to like hit, and like, throw strikes, and like not walk guys, and like not give up Homeruns!

Charlie talks about the meeting

Wow. I was pretty on there, huh?


Gelb: 4 injury red flags

6 actually, if you count Howard and Utley. 5 if you count Martinez.


Planting the Youklis seed

The real question is whether he's better than Michael Young or David Wright....

Thank You, Grant Brisbee

Brisbee explains why this makes no sense.

As usual, Whole Camels has the answer

Really, it was right there in front of us all along, wasn't it?

Seriously though, Today is not a day to Panic folks. The best trade we can make is Juan Pierre and Feddy Galvis for Ryan Howard and Chase Utley, and hope that Herndon and Stutes get better. We went from 7 games back to Leading the divsion in the span of 45 games in 2010. 22 games later we won the division by 7.

Its May 10th.


Deep Breaths.