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Reindeer Links - Saturday May 12 Phillies Linkery

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Oh great hover helmet, I Tebow before you! Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE
Oh great hover helmet, I Tebow before you! Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE

It's Saturday. It may not be Saturday here, but it's probably Saturday there. If it's not Saturday yet, have another drink, go to bed, repeat as necessary.

"Yesterday" was wild and crazy so dig in. This will be brief as I'm following my own instructions (don't offer me a trade, Joe!).

GUTLESS - Fake tough bat keeps Bryce Harper in line old-school prestigious baseball way; Jim Leyland calls for 20,000-game suspension. Harper would later come around to bleed all over hisself, showing up the pretentious bat.

So long Scotty Pods - Red Sox purchase Scott Podsednik's contract from the Phillies; LeepingLizardz announces move to Boston.

Phillies as sellers? - Perhaps the most depressing news I've ever read, although the more you look at it, the more relatively harmless it seems.

Joltin' Joshua Holt Hamilton - Hamilton clubs two more homers for Texas. That's eight in four days. His triple slash over that period: .524/.600/1.714.

SHOULD OF TRADED - Jim Callis at Baseball America hasn't given up on Brown. "We need to see what Brown can do when he's healthy and gets regular playing time in Philadelphia."

What's Wrong with the Phillies - An article in the Washington Post. No, it's not overly homeriffic or anything. No, it doesn't contain the phrase, " The hitting has been lackluster." Ok, I lied. You know what? Don't even bother reading it. In fact, Imma redirect the link so you can't read it.

Catz breaks up no-hitter - Bear with me. Trevor May took a no-hitter into the 7th.

Also, if you've never had reindeer sausage, I heartily recommend it.