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MLB Suspends Umpire Bob Davidson For One Game. UPDATE: Phillies Manager Charlie Manuel Also Suspended For One Game

UPDATE: Phillies Manager Charlie Manuel has also received a one-game suspension from the Commissioner's Office due to Tuesday's incident. MLB Network Radio's Facebook page has a link to MLB's press release. Manuel will serve his suspension during tonight's game versus the Red Sox.

Grant Brisbee lets us know that in the wake of Tuesday's dust-up with Phillies Manager Charlie Manuel, Major League Baseball has reportedly suspended umpire Bob Davidson, per Ken Rosenthal.

Here's the video from Tuesday's game. Look, we can all be frank about Charlie probably being a little frustrated with the team and its performance, but Davidson really really really crossed the line here.

Davidson's Wikipedia page features a litany of his Greatest Hits, including this gem:

On May 31, 1993, during a primetime ESPN broadcast, 3 Phillies were ejected, and a balk was called on Phillies pitcher Larry Anderson. When asked afterwards Phillies catcher Darren Daulton said "He's one of those impact umpires. In my opinion, the game was on ESPN, and he couldn't wait to suit up and make an impact. He's one of those guys . . . You go into his house, and there's lots of pictures of himself and none of his family." Daulton was one of the three ejected.

Davidson's suspension comes at the end of a rough week in player/manager and umpire relations, peaking on Tuesday and including Blue Jays third baseman Brett Lawrie's suspension for throwing his helmet and striking home plate umpire Bill Miller.