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Some wednesday links: Harper Valley PTA style.

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Slow news day.. but here are some links...

Thome to DL, Kratz to Philly

Updated with the DL news... Not a good sign for Big Jim this early...

Gelb: Phils use small Ball to beat Braves

It helped that Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez filled out a lineup card without Chipper Jones

Insert mandatory pipewiener reference.

Introducing Brian Sanches

Either Murph must have needed to take a dump, or there isn't much to say on the guy, cause this piece is about 2,548 words too short for a Murphy piece.

Braves quotes after losing to Phillies from the AJC

On Pence:

He’s one of those guys who sticks his nose in there ...He’s got that quality where he just battles and battles and doesn’t give in...He just squirted one through...So it just left a ginormous whole and he pushed one through. I promise if you ask him he’ll say he didn’t try to, but it got there."

David Hale: Debating Domonic

Not sure if this ever got linked But Hale did an interview with a reporter from Lehigh and got some interesting eyewitness stuff in this.

The rest of the NL EAST Bryce Watch News After the Jump...

In case you hadn't heard, someone made his home debut for the Nationals last night.

Seriously. nothing else on any other baseball item in the East.

He even got a write up in The NY Times

Yup, the Kid is the talk of the country. And a good kid! Had time to play softball in front of the Washington Monument! before the game!

What a guy!

(Hey, Chippers retiring, gotta pass the torch!)

What's not to Love?

Yes, I can start a list if you like, but he's going back to AAA on sunday, right?


Don't bet on it.

Guess its time to make a website

Just like dear old Dad.