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Tease: Nationals 2, Phillies 1

HNNGGHHHGFFFGGHGGHHFFF (Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images)
HNNGGHHHGFFFGGHGGHHFFF (Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The Phillies' bats have gone silent again, Nationals' starter Gio Gonzalez threw a ton of pitches but kept the Phillies off the board, and the Phillies wasted another solid start from Kyle Kendrick en route to a 2-1 Nationals victory on Monday night in Philadelphia.

Kendrick slopped his way through the early innings, working numerous deep counts, but settled in after a Rich Dubee mound visit in the fourth, retiring 11 in a row to finish his seven innings. The Nationals scored a single run in the second on a solo home run from Ian Desmond, and scored again on an RBI single from Desmond in the fourth. And that's it. Kendrick finished with just five hits allowed in seven innings, striking out four and inducing 11 ground ball outs. Raul Valdes pitched two scoreless innings to continue the Phillies' run of solid bullpen work.

The Phillies' offense was lousy again, perhaps exemplified by the sixth inning when Placido Polanco led off the frame with a walk off Gonzalez, followed by a double down the third base line by Shane Victorino leading to a second and third, no out situation. Hunter Pence promptly lined out to the strong-armed Rick Ankiel, and Polanco failed to tag and attempt to score. Carlos Ruiz then hit a grounder to first base, and Polanco was gunned down at home by a LaRoche of some sort. Mayberry then popped out to right to end the misery.

The ninth inning saw the Phillies score their sole run thanks to an incendiary Henry Rodriguez, who issued a leadoff walk to John Mayberry. With one out, Mayberry would advance to third on a Mike Fontenot single, and would score on a Ty Wigginton sacrifice fly. Pinch hitter Hector Luna drew the two out walk, representing the winning run, only to see the rally snuffed out on a hump-back line drive to second base from Polanco.

End. Go to bed.

Source: FanGraphs