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Some Tuesday Phillies Links for You, May 29, 2012: The movement we need is on Roy's too too solid shoulder

Long fly, deep left field, and Acosta is DFA'd!  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Long fly, deep left field, and Acosta is DFA'd! (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Phillies' Halladay to get shoulder examined today (With Video) -
Chooch's hammie gets another day's rest, and Worley tosses in full view of the public.

10 Degrees: Doc visit could spell doom for Phillies - Yahoo! Sports

Because without Halladay, their great rotation becomes merely good, and not enough to sustain a lineup that expects a guy with chronically shot knees and another with a slow-healing Achilles to arrive like Tywin Lannister at the Battle of the Blackwater

As long as Utley gets to play Injury Hamlet, I'm more of in a La Garde recule. Sauve qui peut! mood, but ymmv.

David Murphy: Doc? Phils' offense still No. 1 worry
Score runs, dammit! Then don't give them up! Then score more runs! Then don't give those up, neither! Sheesh.

Zoo With Roy: A Brief Memorial Day SRHPY (5.27.12)
If Halladay is placed on the DL, I know one little boy who would be very excited to spend a sore shoulder'd afternoon with him at a very special place with animals.

Crashburn Alley " Blog Archive " Qualls Ain’t Cutting It
But he's so durable.

P&P Conversations: Hello, Goodbye | pitchers & poets
The end of the Lance Berkman era is a big deal over at my second most favoritest baseball blog. So a new era begins: Do you follow the zeitgeist of Trout or Harper? (I choose Dom Brown!)

The Clumpily Arranged Beasts of the NL East

Fish Cap: Marlins 5, Nationals 3 - Fish Stripes
Five teams now separated by four games.

Braves Lose Eighth Straight, Fall To Cardinals 8-2 - Talking Chop
More amazingly, over 42,000 saw this in Atlanta. /nothingbettertodo'd

Minor Leaguers
Wear this hot little 1940s blue dress with sequins, busher, show some gams for the fans, sing "God Bless America," and meet me after the jump.

Six-run ninth inning leads Gwinnett Braves past Lehigh Valley IronPigs |
Zawadzki beats Schwimer with two outs in the ninth. Ugly finish, and RISP aside, some pretty offensive stats.

Despite cries of lacking organizational depth, the Reading roster features a slew of the Phillies' best (and talented) prospects |
One coach's shocking admission: Them R-Phils is sumpin. Prospects: Prospect Hot Sheet: Prospect Hot Sheet: May 25
Scroll down past all the hot former Phillies farmhands to see an intriguing note about Sergio Velis in the Venezuelan Summer Leagues (h/t taco pal)

Reading 8, Harrisburg 0
Nice CG win, David Buchanan.

Singer, Power earn win over BlueClaws - Sports - Charleston Daily Mail - West Virginia News and Sports -