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Some Phillies Links For You, May 7, 2012: Cole Hamels Threw At Bryce Harper On Purpose, and other things.

Legend down! :(  (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
Legend down! :( (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Nationals Fail to Halt Invasion of Phillies Fans
I want to dial back the clock and see to it that stories like this were written about the Phillies having to deal with invading Mets fan hooligans back in the 1980s.

Phillies' Cole Hamels admits to hitting Bryce Harper intentionally
Such behavior is NOT APPROPRIATE! /collapses on fainting couch

Jayson Werth Washington Nationals outfielder breaks wrist vs. Philadelphia Phillies
This is an incredible bummer. Werth is, and always will be, a WFC and will have my respect forever as a result.

Manuel still believes in Galvis
To the extent that I "believe" in him long-term, that's great, but for right now, his glove does not make up for what his bat provides. Once Chase Utley comes back, Galvis needs to head to Triple-A to get regular at-bats.

Howard ready to ramp up activities
This is big, but the fill-in first basemen have actually done a pretty admirable job (.302/.368/.462) in the Big Piece's absence.

Phillies Notebook: Bullpen struggles while Papelbon sits

Where do you put a lonesome Papelbon?

Utley travels with Phillies, but still no timetable on a return
Afterwards, Utley commented: "..."

Naylor makes quick return from elbow surgery
For once, no snarky comments. Just an article about a prospect.

BlueClaws fall 5-3 to Sand Gnats
No wonder they lost, do you know how dangerous sand gnats are?!

Erie deals R-Phils first series loss of the season
Take a breath, relax.

Dickey Pitches Into Ninth, Bullpen Holds On As Mets Take Series From Arizona - Amazin' Avenue
R.A. Dickey done pitch good.

Fish Cap: Marlins 6, Padres 3 - Fish Stripes
It was a good day for the National League East.

Braves complete sweep with 7-2 win over Rockies - Yahoo! Sports
Hate them so much.