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Some Tuesday Phillies Links for You, June 12, 2012: Start Firing People and Sell, Baby, Sell!

<em>Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts </em> Credit: Joy R. Absalon-US PRESSWIRE
Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts Credit: Joy R. Absalon-US PRESSWIRE

The Phillies As Sellers | FanGraphs Baseball
Don't miss dajafi's superb post on this, either. But it all comes down to this:

Their play over the next three weeks could determine the future of the organization that, at the start of this run, had all the makings of being able to sustain long-term success.

David Murphy: Time for slumping Phillies to promote Domonic Brown
In my mind, when a young taco pal tried to employ the "but Mom! All the other kids are doing it!" argument, it didn't go well.

These Phillies are baseball's worst situational hitters since 1940s
And the 1940s had the worst situational situations since the 1910s. My God, where does it end?

Cliff Lee: Philadelphia Phillies Fans Should All Be Fed Up with Lee | Bleacher Report
Eyeball scalding warning. My favorite parts are the sentence fragments, by which we are meant, presumably, to complete the thoughts that are left out there like so many baserunners on third base with fewer than two outs.

Revisiting concerns over Manuel's job security
Tap-dancing on the 50-yard line. Amazed by the Chollie bloodlust, also replicated on yesterday's poll. Not in love of all of his decisions, but he really is trying to make chicken salad most days. H/T? to EREX21.

Thome shows he has a little left to help Phillies (With Video) -
Truly the best part of the weekend.

Goodbye from Pitchers & Poets | pitchers & poets
Great. The Phils are in last place and my second-favoritest blog has washed up on the shore. It's like the dingo really did eat my baby.

The Wild Rumpus of the N.L. East

Washington Nationals, Behind Eight Strong By Edwin Jackson, Beat Toronto Blue Jays, 6-3. - Federal Baseball
Brandon Morrow left the game after nine pitches with an oblique strain. Now that they are playing a mid-week series in Toronto, the Nats now have the highest win per fan index in all of baseball.

Braves Offense Fails, McCann Robbed In Shutout Loss To Yankees - Talking Chop
Raul Ibanez has hit 10 HRs.

Fish Cap: Marlins 4, Red Sox 1 - Fish Stripes
Lots of mirthful joshing.

No time this morning for the minor league roundup, but check the Utley thread for taco pal's roundup of last night's stats.