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Luck be a lady two nights? heh. Bitch. Rockies 4-1

Hope kicks you in the balls HARD sometimes.  (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images)
Hope kicks you in the balls HARD sometimes. (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Admit it. You were watching tonight. Now I don't mean you watched the game, if you're frequenting this site and reading this you're more than a casual fan. I mean you were WATCHING. And not to see Jim Tracy and his Retro-tation.

No you were intensely following, with the slightest glimmer of hope tweaking in your brain and shooting down your spine in a sharp nerve-like pain. You felt, even with the most realistic, saber metrically minded reasoning behind you, a strange sensation, unfamiliar yet enticing just the same.

You felt her. She pulled at you. You tried to resist her charms but that SOMETHING. About her. It made you want more. And when you saw the same lineup as last night, with Pierre in LF against a LHP nonetheless, no Charlie strung together match up card, not a Hector Luna or Fontenot to be found, you almost could believe that the Phillies felt her too.

Maybe you had a broom next to you on the couch.

Just because.

I'm not saying I did, but if I did, my wife would laugh at me like she surely did not this evening and call me but a fool. But I would not care if SHE was her with me.

SHE has many names.



Hittin' Season.


For me She is HOPE.

And when Jimmy Rollins led off the game with a Home Run, She had me. And admit it. She had you too. She let you know DEEP that run was all we needed. And for six 2/3 innings it was. Vance Worley was almost perfect with less than perfect control through the first six, until with 1 runner on and two outs in the 7th he made one mistake to Rockies second baseman and 7 hole hitter Chris Belson and like that, the lead was gone.

Baby? Where you going?

I'm right here Joe.

Don't ever leave me again honey...

I could still feel her.

For the first time in weeks, I could feel her. Even when Rollins grounded into a double play after Mike Fontenot singled for Worley.

Even when In the 8th, they brought in Qualls and the first batter fouled one down the first base line so hard I remembered Charlie had brought in Qualls.


Right here baby...

But when Qualls left the game with runners on the corners? Her voice was muffled. When Scutaro advanced to second on a dropped ball I was certain poor Diekman was doomed.

Then my MLB package froze. and the next thing I saw was Wiggington on 2nd and Chooch at the plate.




Then my MLB package went out again.

Visions of Chooch driving it over the left field wall filled my head for a good 15 minutes until my MLB package came back on.



Just in time to see Michael Schwimmer give up Wilin "My career ISO is higher than my career OBP" Rosario's 10th HR of the year. Trust me. One of these kids has a huge career ahead of them. Maybe both. But definitely one of them for sure.

I think.

The rest is as it was. 4-1. defeat.

Hope, she is a dirty, nasty bitch.

But I love you baby.

Come back.

Come back now.

I'm sorry.

I need you.


Don't make me beg, but I will.

Fangraph of despair is where it always is when I do the recap. at

We play baseball tomorrow. new series, new chance at a sweep. As Joe "My pine tars gonna be more famous than this one" Maddon and the SaberRays come to town for Hey remember that one time the Rays came to town?