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Remember When We Were Worried About Jimmy Rollins' Offense?

It's past April.  He hits. Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE
It's past April. He hits. Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Way back in April and for much of May, we were really worried about Jimmy Rollins' offense. Well, by we I don't mean many of us here at TGP, but rather much of the rest of the Phillies fanbase. His bat was slow. He had lost his power. He could do nothing but pop up. He was resting on his laurels after milking the team for millions in the off-season. He was old and was just counting the days until he'd wind up on the DL and never have to play again. He was a loafer who didn't care anymore.

Basically, for about 45 days of baseball, to the Philadelphia fanbase, Jimmy Rollins was a threat to all that was good in the universe.

But then something funny happened. He stopped being awful. As predicted.

In fact, he's been much better than just not awful. He's been pretty awesome. Here are Rollins' lines before and after May 6, his OPS nadir for the season:

through May 6 29 122 14 0 5 21:8 6 0.223 0.273 0.259 0.532
after May 6 43 205 30 8 21 24:14 6 0.295 0.343 0.511 0.854

This is not a player who has lost anything. Rather, this is a player who suffered through a really bad beginning of the season slump . . . as he has many times before in his career. He's picked it up and has become an incredibly valuable part of the Phillies offense.

In fact, how good has Rollins been since May 6? Based on OPS, Rollins has been the 16th best NL offensive player in that time period. He is ahead of, among others, Hanley Ramirez, Bryce Harper, Jose Reyes, Justin Upton, and Jay Bruce.

It's time we (and now I'm talking about the entire Phillies fanbase) appreciate the shortstop we have.