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Some Phillies Links For You, June 4, 2012: Youkilis to Phillies?, Utley Rehab, Feeling Drafty

Wasting popcorn? Time to draft a new mascot, Phillies!! Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE
Wasting popcorn? Time to draft a new mascot, Phillies!! Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE

Dodgers, Phillies, D-Backs head list of teams with early interest in Youkilis
Youkilis, 34, is hitting .314/.385/.543 since returning from the disabled list last month.

Back In The Chase: Utley heads to Clearwater to start rehab assignment
Well, this could be utterly fantastic news.

Phils continue trend of low draft selections
Everyone is playing their cards close to the chest under the new draft rules, it would seem. In previous years we had names of players the Phillies had actually targeted.

David Murphy: Phillies' draft wish: A college hitter who will be ready soon
Phillies' first pick will be in the supplemental round, 40th overall, as compensation from the Reds for signing Ryan Madson.

Phils could go college route early in Draft
For some reason I just pictured Rodney Dangerfield in "Back to School."

Phillies Notes: Injury could cost pitcher Roy Halladay his 2014 vesting option
Fascinating. You have to wonder if this will affect the Cole Hamels negotiations.

Dodgers-Phillies Preview
Phillies might be getting a scuffling Dodgers team at the right time.

Worley eager to come off DL, start on Monday
Hope so!

Pettibone perfecting another fastball
Lots of good minor league notes here from Bob Brookover.

Carlos Tocci: The Best 16 Year Old Phillie I Have Ever Seen | Baseball Ross
Certainly take this for what it's worth, but... hmmm.

Ross Gload, Howard Wood Among Inaugural Bonac Hall of Fame Class - East Hampton, NY Patch
This just goes to show that I'm probably in an athletic hall of fame, somewhere. But more seriously, that nearly every Major League player was by far the best player in his school/town/county, and is a conquering hero when he returns home.

Lucy's Dugout > Phillies down to one ace, but Wigginton shines at bat | Brigantine Beachcomber Sports

Take three: What has become of the "Four Aces?" Roy Oswalt is gone; Cliff Lee hasn't won a game in April or May and Roy Halladay is hurt. Cole Hamels is the lone ACE, and he may not be a Phillie in 2013.

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