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Some Phillies Links for You, July 10, 2012: The Sultan of Squat in a Season of Suck

My world's on fire, how about yours? (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
My world's on fire, how about yours? (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Phillies' Carlos Ruiz catching on as a hitter

"It's pretty wonderful to see," Cole Hamels said Monday as he glanced at Ruiz, who was being mobbed by reporters.

Cole Hamels Trade Watch Department

Cole Hamels says he wants to remain with Phillies
Except for the gazillion of dollars he stands to gain, this sort of stuff has to be pretty tedious for players in his position.

Cole Hamels on his future with the Phils
Leslie Gudel's Sunday interview also worth a look.

What Greinke or Hamels Would Yield in a Trade | FanGraphs Baseball

the inclusion of an Olt-level prospect is consistent with what we’ve seen from previous trade packages for other elite starters at the trade deadline.

Double-talk, Perfidy! and Other Clubs Department

David Murphy: A Q&A with Phillies president David Montgomery
The interview was l'affaire du internets yesterday among Phillies fans. The link is to the Tower of Babel comments. My God, it's full of hyper-link'd poetry!

Ruben Amaro Botched This Season, But Don’t Give Up on the Phillies Yet | The Philly Post
First you hit them! Then you hug them! Then you hit them! &c.

As Phillies sink into irrelevance, rising Pirates and their fans begin to believe anything is possible |
Sportswriters with a gift for layered metaphors are a rare thing.

Texas Rangers, Minnesota Twins scatter after lightning strike, thunder clap - MLB - Sporting News
Roy Oswalt's achey back nearly gets a jolt of new energy.

Department of Statistical Departments Department

Baseball Prospectus - Hitter profiles
Add this tool to your SABR arsenal. Then throw Hunter Pence high breaking pitches 'n watchim spin! woooweee

The 2012 All-Collapse All-Stars

Someone has to represent the Phillies on this team, right?

Help Is On the Way! Department

Not a lot of Phillies prospects at Futures Game

One of them, righthander Lisalverto Bonilla, injured his right thumb while clowning around with teammates in a hotel room Saturday night, according to a source. The other, Julio Rodriguez, allowed a three-run home run to the first batter he faced Sunday.

There is no bottom.

R-Phils add thrills, chills to AA Derby - Sports - Republican Herald
You have to add a lot of sauce when the meat is rancid.

R-Phils fall to Richmond, 9-0
This team started off hot as blazes, and is now about as bad as the parent club.