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Phillies Milestones -- Rollins, Howard, et al

An expanded version of the milestones section that typically appears in the Stat Notes articles.

After the jump:
- Rollins' assault on the Phillies record book
- Howard's race to 300 home runs
- Halladay on the verge of 2,000 Ks
- also Victorino, Utley, Pierre, and Kratz

Shane Victorino
- He needs 8 more hits (103 total) to become the 34th player in Phillies history to reach 1,000 with the team.

Chase Utley
- Utley's next Sacrifice Fly (2nd this year) will tie him with Pat Burrell for 9th on the Phillies all-time list, with 42.
- He needs 3 home runs (7 total) to tie Bobby Abreu for 9th on the Phillies' list at 195.

Juan Pierre
- Pierre's next stolen base (24th this year) will tie him with 19th century outfielder Tom Brown for 19th on the all-time list with 578. Next will be Ozzie Smith (#18 - 580), and Maury Wills (#17 - 586).

- He's higher on the Caught Stealing list, since CS's weren't tracked before 1951. Five more (9 total) will tie Bert Campaneris for 5th all-time at 199.

Roy Halladay
- With his 1st K on Sunday (his 66th of the year), Doc will become the 67th pitcher in history to reach 2,000. He will also be the 6th active pitcher, joining Javier Vasquez (2,536 - who knew?), Jamie Moyer (2,441), Andy Pettitte (2,310), CC Sabathia (2,134), and Kevin Millwood (2,056).

Vasquez is included because he hasn't officially retired. He pitched for the Marlins last year and was 8-3 with a 2.15 ERA in the second half, and was even named NL Pitcher of the Month in September (5-0, 0.71). But he's not playing this year and is not planning to play any time soon. More from Rob Neyer.

Erik Kratz
- His home run on Tuesday not only began the Phillies' remarkable comeback from a 6-1 deficit, but also allowed him to briefly join an elite group of only 4 other players who had three hits in a season with all three being home runs. Alas he wrecked it all with his first-inning RBI single on Wednesday and then compounded the error with two doubles, including one in the 10th which became the winning run.

Ryan Howard
- Howard needs 5 extra base hits (11 for the year) to tie Cy Williams for 10th on the Phillies' list with 503.

- Fastest to 300 Homers?

Fewest Games: Ryan Howard reached 100 HRs in fewer games than anyone in history, and then also reached 200 and 250 faster than anyone, beating Ralph Kiner's record in each case. Howard is currently at 290 homers and has played in 1,041 games. In order to also become the fastest to 300, he will need to hit 10 in his next 45 games, or one every 4.5. He has a good chance to do that, but it's not going to be a slam dunk. He's averaged one every 3.6 games for his career, but in both 2010 and 2011 he hit one per 4.6 games. Swinging the bat well since coming off the DL earlier this month, he's averaging one in 3.5 so far in 2012.

Looking ahead it only gets tougher, as he will need to average one per 4.0 games to be the fastest to 350 and one per 3.4 for 400 (Mark McGwire was the fastest to each of those marks).

Below are some of the fastest to reach these milestones. I think I have at least the top two in each case, but beyond that there's a chance I'm missing someone.


Fewest At Bats: Howard broke Kiner's records for fewest At Bats to 100 and then 200 home runs. However he fell behind Harmon Killebrew's record for fewest ABs to 250, and already has more At Bats than the number Babe Ruth needed to reach 300. The records for 350 and 400 are also out of reach, as he would need to average a HR every 7.2 and 8.1 ABs, respectively. He's averaged one per 13.2 for his career.


Jimmy Rollins
- Rollins' next home run (10th this year) will tie Willie Puddin' Head Jones for 12th on the Phillies all-time list with 180.
- His next triple (6th) will tie him with Sam Thompson for 3rd on the Phillies list at 106.
- He needs 5 walks (39 total) to tie Darren Daulton for 9th on the Phillies with 607.

Below is a summary of how his ranking on various Phillies career lists is expected to progress through the vesting year of his current contract (2015), assuming age-related decline, and 133 games per year on average:


And the top 5 for selected stats:


For reference:
- MLB All-time leaders: Hitting and Pitching
- Phillies All-time leaders: Hitting and Pitching