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Phillies Rumor Roundup! - July 27, 2012: Victorino Dump, Cliff Lee Non-Rumors

Phillies calling everyone about Shane Victorino: The Phillies are really "presenting" when it comes to trading off All-Star center fielder Shane Victorino. The free agent-to-be has been offered to several contenders, according to ESPN's Jayson Stark:

The Phillies continue to talk to a bunch of teams about Shane Victorino, although their recent hot streak has left them more up in the air than ever about whether to trade a core player such as Victorino, whom they can't easily replace. Their asking price has been a young but proven setup reliever, plus a young outfielder or third baseman. But to get Victorino moved, said an official of one club, they're going to have to cut that price in half. Other teams expect them to narrow their focus eventually to just young relievers. Among the names we hear they've asked about: Pittsburgh's Brad Lincoln, Tampa Bay's Wade Davis, Cleveland's Vinnie Pestano and Cincinnati's Logan Ondrusek.


Cliff Lee not likely to go anywhere: Jon Heyman of reports that, per his sources horses, the Fillies Phillies are not likely to be trading Cliff Lee before the July 31 trading deadline. Ahhh duuhhhh....

Heyman says that the team wants to go into 2013 with the "three aces" intact, and while he doesn't say it, it'd be kind of dumb to sell low on Cliff Lee at this point in his season/career.