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Phillies Rumors, Sleepytime Edition: O's Talking Blanton, Pence to Giants?

One more rundown for you nice folks before I go beddy-bye!

Joe Blanton-to-Orioles getting close?: The Phillies and Orioles appear to be quite close to a deal that would send Joe Blanton to Balitmore for a prospect, with the hang-up appearing to be how much money the Phillies would eat (heh) in the deal. Some reports have the Phillies looking for the Orioles' No. 3 prospect, shortstop Jonathan Schoop. Getting Schoop would almost definitely mean the Phillies would assume most or all of Blanton's contract, if there's any way they can swing the deal.

Phillies still talking Hunter Pence deal with Giants: Not much new on the Hunter Pence-to-Giants discussions, but Jon Heyman has confirmed that the teams are still talking.

Reds eyeing Shane Victorino, possibly Juan Pierre: The Reds and Phillies have apparently been talking about a deal for Shane Victorino, with the Reds apparently balking at the Phillies' demands. Hey, I'm happy to hear the Phillies are asking for a ton. If they can't get Victorino, there's speculation that the Reds may be interested in Juan Pierre.

Buying? Phillies may look to bring in Padres' Chase Headley, Indians' Shin-Soo Choo: Ken Rosenthal writes that the Phillies may flip prospects acquired in deadline deals for Headley and/or Choo.