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And the Hits Just Keep on Coming: Hunter Pence to Giants Close

UPDATE: Heyman is reporting Giants have acquired Hunter Pence. Possibly for catching prospect Tommy Joseph.

UPDATE 2: Salisbury is reporting Blavton is still very possible to the Orioles, and Gelb is reporting Wigginton to the Yankees before 4pm is possible as well.

UPDATE 3 at 1:21pm EDT: Lots of chatter about Pence for Joseph and maybe Schierholz (and who knows?), but still nothing at all is confirmed.

UPDATE 4 at 1:47pm EDT: CSN West is reporting the deal is done as Pence passed his physical. Giants are expected to announce the deal shortly.

It's an interesting day, to say the least:

sources: are closing in on deal for hunter pence. good counter to .