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Shane Victorino Rumors: Dodgers, Indians, Pirates, Tigers

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Jon Heyman of is reporting that center fielder Shane Victorino isn’t likely to be with the Philadelphia Phillies beyond this season, and that the Los Angeles Dodgers "have a bit of interest" in him.

In any case, Victorino appears to be a short-timer in Philly. If he isn't traded before the July 31 trade deadline, he will almost assuredly sign elsewhere.

Heyman adds that while the Phillies "intend to try to make a strong effort to re-sign starting pitcher Cole Hamels, their efforts to retain Victorino are expected to be lukewarm, at best."

Heyman has heard from "Phillies people" that Victorino is one of the players, along with right-hander Joe Blanton and third baseman Placido Polanco, which the club doesn’t expect to return next season.

While Victorino has been a long-time Phillie, Heyman has reportedly heard that some of the Phillies people have "expressed some disappointment in his performance and even some concern about on-field decision-making."

Victorino, 31, has hit at a clip of only .245/.311/.369 this season, down from 2011 when he racked up 27 doubles, 16 triples, and 17 home runs on his way to an OPS of .847. He owns a career line of .276/.341/.432.