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Some Phillies Links For You, August 10, 2012: Stinking Bastardo, Rolling with Rollins

Charity up Rollins' alley
Even when the team is playing miserably, at least we know we have decent people like Jimmy Rollins to cheer for.

Amaro doesn't have many options at third for Phillies in 2013
That list of candidates at the end makes me want to puke.

Carli Lloyd, Busy Becoming Olympic Hero, Makes a Minor Shane Victorino Tweet Faux Pas
I mean, it's not like she's been busy the last couple of weeks or anything...

Phils go to wall for Lieberthal
I never got the Lieberthal hate at all.

Antonio Bastardo: Is it Time for the Phillies to Get Rid of Him?
Oh for crying out loud...

Video: Ricky Bo Goes Ricky Bo On Bastardo
"Pretty much inconsistent" - What a dumb statement.

What's behind Bastardo's struggles?
A much more reasoned, thoughtful analysis from Corey Seidman.

Aumont among Phillies' potential callups
This is depressing.

Martin prepared to deal with expectations of Phillies organization
Ethan Martin, acquired from the Dodgers in the Shane Victorino trade, looks as much like an "Ethan" as anyone you could imagine.

Newcomer Morgan helps Reading take series from Trenton
Adam Morgan's performance in 2012 is as exciting as any from a Phillies prospect this year.