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Puke Funnel: Brewers 7, Phillies 4

We won't be needing THESE anymore! (Photo by Mark Hirsch/Getty Images)
We won't be needing THESE anymore! (Photo by Mark Hirsch/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The Brewers knocked four home runs, including a back-breaking grand slam from Corey Hart in the bottom of the eighth inning off Josh Lindblom, (a/k/a The Most Popular Boy in Philadelphia), as the Phillies fell to Milwaukee by a score of 7-4 tonight.

Three of those home runs were surrendered by Cliff Lee, who also struck out 12 and walked none in 7 2/3 innings of work. It's a weird season for Lee, and it's just getting weirder and weirder. The first two home runs came in the first, back-to-back jacks from Ryan Braun and Aramis Ramirez. Braun stroked another solo dong (lulz) in the fourth.

The Phillies scored their first run thanks to a nice, hard takeout slide from Chase Utley on what should have been a double play grounder from Ryan Howard. Instead, no outs, and Domonic Brown scored from third.

The Phillies would take a 4-3 lead in the top of the fifth on a bases loaded, two out double from Kevin Frandsen. Remember that name, because...

Frandsen would play a key role in the puke bucket that was the eighth inning. After Lee retired the first two batters, Rickie Weeks reached base thanks to an error by Frandsen on a grounder to third. Weeks would reach second, and which point Lee, having crossed the 110 pitch mark, was removed for Josh Lindblom, who intentionally walked Braun, then unintentionally walked Aramis Ramirez to load the bases. And then Hart hits a grand slam right over the glove of a leaping Domonic Brown in right field. Lindblom's final line? Sexy sexy one-third of an inning, two walks, three earned runs. TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT.


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Source: FanGraphs