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Some Phillies Links for You, August 21, 2012: Le chevalier de la pomme de terre

Send in the positive reinforcements! Credit: Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE
Send in the positive reinforcements! Credit: Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE

Phillies make things interesting by calling up relief prospect Phillippe Aumont
For those of you on the Tweetscape, worth a peek at @MJ_Baumann for some great French Aumont nicknames. My favorite: "Le chevalier de la pomme de terre." Oh, and because you asked:

Long story short, the Phillies seem determined to err on the side of caution with regard to De Fratus' elbow, which caused him to miss the first half of the season after he developed a case of inflammation in spring training.

Inside the Phillies: Two former Phillies visit; only one is welcomed
Beyond Thunderdome.

Phillies Notes: Polanco back in lineup against Reds

Ruiz believes that he can begin running by next week. "I am really happy now and feel close," he said.

Phillies Notebook: Frandsen showing his stuff

SHORTLY AFTER the home clubhouse opened at Citizens Bank Park on Monday afternoon, a pack of reporters slowly swarmed to the corner locker at the front of the room.

Perhaps the most misleadingly disappointing headline & lede combination of the year.

Rollins part of Phillies' winning effort
One for five is a start. But just at the point when he's hitting significant milestones, Rollins has been August dogbreath bad.

Phillies merchandise sales decline -
But the resale value of the Hunter Pence Bobblehead tonight will make up for it somehow. Also, here's Dash Treyhorn's take.

Crashburn Alley " Blog Archive " Kyle Kendrick’s Flashes of Greatness

This year, Kendrick has struck out 17 percent of the batters he’s faced.

Feats of Randomness

There's Something Weird About Hunter Pence - Beyond the Box Score
A few days old, but it's fitting, on his Bobblehead Night, to join in this discussion.

Nyjer Morgan Caught in Hugdown | NotGraphs Baseball

Morgan was out; Kendrick applied the tag — but as he did, Morgan collapsed into his arms, and for a moment they were each comforted.

Cody Ross, But Cheaper | FanGraphs Baseball
An amusement of potential outfielders. Clip-n-save for the hot stove.

Beasties of the NL Easties

Apres le jump

An Uggla Way To End It: Braves Fall To Nats In 13 On Error - Talking Chop
The French kisses from Madame Bonchance, they are going to Les Nationales.

Quick Recap: Rockies 3, Mets 1 — Rock Bottom - Amazin' Avenue
"Rock Bottom" = "tied with the Phillies."

Fish Cap: Miami Marlins 12, Arizona Diamondbacks 3 - Fish Stripes
Giancarlo Stanton es mas macho.

Ex-Beasties of the NL Easties: Bonus Coverage

Good Things Happened, Bad People Suffered - McCovey Chronicles

When Buster Posey throws out Shane Victorino stealing, an angel gets its wings. Then the angel whips out a Flying V and rips into a 30-minute solo as it flies into the sun. The sun explodes like a celestial Roman candle, and red-white-and-blue streaks shoot across the night sky. That's what happens when Buster Posey throws out Shane Victorino stealing.