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SB Nation United Is Coming Very Soon. Dig it.

Chipper Jones hates SB Nation United. Just sayin'.  (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)
Chipper Jones hates SB Nation United. Just sayin'. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Dear Readers of The Good Phight --

As we've been hinting for awhile now, and as I'm sure you've read over at many of the other terrific SB Nation blogs, the new SB Nation United platform will be launching very, very soon. The new system will constitute a marked improvement in the look of all the sites, will streamline the posting of stories, make the mobile and non-mobile experiences more consistent, and allow the writers and editors to highlight and update certain major stories without losing the ability to remain current on other notable events. What does that mean? For example, if Ryan Howard joins the Hare Krishna (PURELY HYPOTHETICAL), we can "pin" that story to the top of the page, but still post a story about Darin Ruf getting his first big league start without bumping the Howard story down.

We've had a chance to play with most of the new tools in the United toolbox and they're really, really great.

But like everything new, there's an adjustment period, for you and for us. Things will look really different. Change can be a little disruptive but in the end this will make the reader and writer/editor experiences better, cleaner, and more fun.

After the jump are some examples of what the new layout will look like. And yes, of course, screw Kobe.

We're not going anywhere. And we don't want you to go anywhere, either. Thanks for reading, and for helping make The Good Phight the Awesomest Phillies Community in the Internet Land.

- WC