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Blog Lord Hodgepodge: New Names and Site Concerns

SB Nation United and New/Old Blogger Concerns

Jim McIsaac - Getty Images

First, thanks for reading this. You're the best. You, out there! In the chair! Thanks! ::wink::

Anyway, it's been a fascinating couple of days at The Good Phight and all around SB Nation. The new United platform is humming along. It's a big change for everyone, and I appreciate your patience as we learn how to use and best deploy some of these wonderful toys.

For any general questions about the "how and why" of the new SB Nation United platform, I highly recommend watching the video and reading the outstanding post right here. This was on the front page yesterday and is there again today, but in case you overlooked it for some reason, it's very good. Go now.

Additionally, you'll see the byline that reads "Peter Lyons." Several years ago I started posting under the name "WholeCamels," a marginally witty spoonerism of "Cole Hamels." Back then, SB Nation was sort of the little start-up that could. In the last few years, we've kind of turned into a massive web media colossus. Simply put, it was time for me to take on the Human Name. I now cry, and bleed, and think, and feel like a human. But I cannot love. Why. Teach me.

Please consider the comments to this thread as an "SB Nation United discussion" forum.

Thank you again for reading, and for being patient with all the changes around here. It's gonna be great. -