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Phillies Weekend Links: Death, and Also Life

While most of the media is concerned with the Phillies' demise, nonetheless, we see some small points of diversion.

Jeff Zelevansky - Getty Images

Loss to Marlins Eliminates Phillies From Wild-Card Race -

Two things without comment:

There was no avoiding doom.

"That was a matter of time," Manuel said.

In 1072/3 innings since the all-star break, Lee has a 2.34 ERA with 102 strikeouts and eight walks.

Phillies Pull Plug on Chase Utley Experiment at Third Base -

In brighter news: YAYGUYS. Actually, despite one's feeling on the controversy at third base, Amaro's comments on the situation, as someone mentioned in the game thread last night, are at least encouraging. To whit wit:

Amaro said it was unfair to judge Utley on the basis of six games.

I realize it's wildly unfair of me, but prior to this, I would've given pretty good odds on Amaro not knowing that "sample" and "size" could be used together to create a signifying concept.

Phillies' Chase Utley: An Aging Star in Transition -

Brookover does everything he can in the title to make you think that this is going to be an ultra-offensive, ultra-reactionary "So long, old Chase" piece. It's not, which is weird, but there's some good stuff from Utley about how his knees are feeling. I have a feeling the third base stuff is apocryphal.

Crash Bag, Volume 21: Halliburton, BP, and the Chrysler Sebring - Crashburn Alley

First of two from blog-friends Crashburn Alley. As this is a mailbag, it's not all going to be relevant, but I loved Baumann's answer to how one should root if the Braves and the Nats meet in the NLDS. Teaser:

The Atlanta Braves are a symbol of oppression and hegemony that has slipped under the radar because greater, more oppressive hegemons exist elsewhere.

Jayson Werth Deserves Philadelphia's Respect -- Crashburn Alley

Bill Baer doing God's work here. I will say, though, that the phrase "gave him the business" in the Crossing Broad jerk's tweet reminds me of the Hangin' Out Gang, some of Jon Bois' best work, which is never a bad thing.

Michael Bourn's Market Value - Fangraphs

Now that hot stove season has basically begun for us all, at least, here's a cautionary tale in terms of wanting the Phillies to sign Michael Bourn. Added bonus note from the JoeCatz Bureau of Statistics: Free-Agent-OF-To-Be Torii Hunter posted a 4.5 WAR this year, bested only by Bourn and Hamilton in the non-Melky sweepstakes. Food for thought, non-centerfieldedness this year aside.

Young Charlie Manuel - Notgraphs

Here I was, wondering if I should just stick at six links or find some Housenick-level troll-feed, and then Notgraphs saved my ever-loving hide and made my weekend all in one blow. Click this.